Most homes in the U.S. have indoor plumbing, but homes handle waste in several ways. Some homes connect to city sewer systems. However, around one in five connect to private septic tanks.

Homes with private systems might encounter problems that require septic tank repair. You must also maintain your septic tank if your home has one. 

Therefore, you’ll need to hire a company that offers septic tank repair when you require services. But how can you find the right company?

Keep reading to learn seven tips to help you find the right company when you need septic tank repair, cesspool maintenance, or portable toilet rental.

1. Start With References

Regardless of the type of company you need, beginning with references is the best starting point. Starting with references means asking people you know who they use. 

Ask your friends, coworkers, and relatives who they use for their septic tank repair services. If they give you septic tank company names, ask them:

  • What services do they provide?
  • Are you happy with their services?
  • Is there anything you don’t like about them?
  • Would you hire them again?
  • When did you hire them?

You can learn a lot by asking these questions. You can build confidence in some companies by asking people you trust. After acquiring a few names, move on to the next steps. 

2. Consider the Company’s Experience

A septic system only has a few components. Yet, it’s a complex system that requires expertise. This means you need a company with experience.

As you research your options, consider the company’s experience. For example, when did the company start offering septic tank repair services? How much experience do the drivers and operators have?

Most septic repair companies service multiple types of systems. Septic systems can be traditional systems. They can also be mound systems or cesspools. 

Consider what type you have and ensure you hire a company with the right experience. Choose a different company if you encounter a newer business that lacks experience. 

3. Review Their Reputation and Reviews

Reading reviews is one of the best ways to select a septic company to hire. Reviews come from previous customers who share their thoughts. Reading these can tell you about a septic tank company’s reputation. 

Some reviews might relate to the services the company provides. For example, suppose you need cesspool maintenance. Finding positive reviews about cesspool maintenance can boost your confidence in a company. 

You’ll also encounter reviews about the company’s professionalism. For example, did they show up on time? Was the operator friendly and helpful during the services?

Septic systems are often located in backyards. As a result, the company must access this area without destroying the yard. If you’re concerned with this aspect, look at the reviews to learn about past customer experiences.

Reviews can tell you if a company has a favorable or unfavorable reputation. They’ll also help you learn what questions to ask before hiring a septic repair company.

4. Ask About Their Services

Some septic tank companies specialize in traditional systems only. Others offer additional services, such as cesspool maintenance or portable toilet rentals. You need a company that offers the services you require.

Asking about their services is the best way to find out.

For example, are you having septic tank problems? If so, you might need the tank pumped. You could also need a new drain field or baffle. 

You can contact a company to explain your problems. They might tell you that you need routine septic tank maintenance. Septic tank maintenance is imperative for preventing system problems. 

If they’re unsure about your problem, they might suggest examining the system first.  

5. Discuss Their Credentials

Another critical factor to evaluate is the company’s credentials. First, are they licensed in your city or county? They can tell you the answer when they call. 

Secondly, does the company have insurance? Every septic tank company should carry the appropriate insurance policies.

These policies protect you from damage they cause during the services. They also protect you from problems that result from their services.

6. Inquire About the Costs

A reputable septic tank service company will give you prices over the phone. The prices might be a range or a set rate. 

For example, most companies have set rates for septic tank pumping services. They can explain these costs when you call. They’ll also tell you if they charge extra for certain things, such as digging out your tank lid. 

Septic tank pumping often resolves septic issues. However, you can experience other problems that might require repairs. A septic tank company may need to inspect the system before offering a repair quote. 

If you need portable rentals, they can give you a quote over the phone. They can also give quotes for other services you might need, such as a septic inspection. 

7. Consider Their Equipment

Finally, consider the company’s equipment as one last step. The equipment relates to what they use to complete their services.

For example, emptying a septic tank requires a truck and tank. The tank holds the waste, resulting in it leaving your yard. 

Ask how they get the truck to your backyard if that’s where your tank is. Ask how long the hose is to ensure they won’t drive through your yard. You could also ask if they have shovels to dig up the lid. 

Hire the Best Septic Tank Repair Company

Do you need septic tank repair, cesspool maintenance, or portable toilet rental? You likely will at some point if you’re a homeowner. 

As you search for the right company, use these tips to narrow it down. Then, you can find the best company for the services you need.

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