You’ve moved into a new property with its own septic tank. You’re not quite sure what to expect or what it will take to maintain your septic system.

Just over a quarter of Pennsylvania homeowners rely on a septic system to treat their waste water. Having your own septic system has its advantages, from a lower environmental impact to independence from public wastewater issues, but it also presents unique challenges.

Over time, septic tanks start to build up a layer of sludge that can slow things down and cause problems. We’re here to talk about the importance of hiring a septic tank cleaning service.

Read on for seven reasons to hire a septic tank cleaning service rather than letting things go or attempting a DIY reset.

1. Learning More About Your Septic Tank

If you’re new to owning a septic system, it’s useful to hire septic professionals not long after moving in. This will guarantee that your septic tank is in great condition for the coming years, but it will also give you a chance to learn more about your system.

For example, while septic tanks are off the public grid, they are dictated by strict local laws. While your septic tank professional is cleaning your system, talk to them about any compliance issues they spot. You can also learn more about preventative care, such as flushing only waste and toilet paper, when partnered with a reliable professional.

2. Protecting Property Value

Septic tanks don’t always have the best reputation, particularly with buyers who have never dealt with one before. There’s a common misconception that septic tanks are expensive to maintain and have a tendency to cause sewage leaks and contamination. The reality is that as long as you stay on top of septic tank maintenance, septic tanks are completely safe and even desirable to have on your property. 

That said, you’re not just combatting reputation when selling a property with a septic system. If you let maintenance slip or let sludge and scum build up, your rundown septic tank can have a negative impact on property value. Protect the value of your biggest asset by keeping that septic tank professionally cleaned. 

3. Eliminating Unwanted Odors

Oftentimes, unpleasant odors coming from your septic system indicate that the tank is full and it’s time to invest in septic tank pumping. If you know that your septic tank is far from full but you’re still noticing a sewage smell, there’s a good chance that the tank needs a thorough cleaning. 

Millions of organisms live in your septic tank and break down the waste the tank holds. Any residual solids settle on the bottom of the tank, creating a substance we refer to as sludge. When that sludge builds up too much, it can start to create an odor that seeps into your yard and home even when the tank is well below capacity. 

4. Keeping Drains Free-Flowing

You try to flush your toilet but the waste won’t go anywhere. When you run the faucet in your tub, it doesn’t seem to drain well, if at all. You’ve tried unclogging individual drains to no avail, and that means that the problem may go beyond a single appliance.

When solids build up in your septic tank, it can cause backups in drains throughout your home. This is because wastewater isn’t flowing into the tank as freely as it should. A good professional cleaning will open up all those passageways and keep your drains clear and ready to drain.

5. Preventing Unnecessary Health Hazards

You’re starting to understand the benefits of cleaning and maintaining your septic tank, but why should you turn to a professional every single time? When you take matters into your own hands, you’re exposing yourself and your family to unnecessary health hazards.

Without the right protective gear, you could come into direct contact with waste and other biohazards, which could lead to infections and bacterial illnesses. This may seem obvious, but what’s less obvious is how flammable some of that waste is. Because of the various gases trapped in your septic tank, something as small as static electricity could spark serious danger.

6. Avoiding Contamination

Is it better to neglect your septic tank than try to clean it yourself? While DIY methods can yield unnecessary health hazards, neglecting your septic tank can lead to contamination that can threaten your health and the environment. Without routine maintenance, cleaning, and as-needed septic tank pumping, your septic system could start leaking.

When untreated waste seeps into the ground, it can have a negative impact on soil and groundwater quality. If you garden or rely on well water, this kind of contamination can present serious problems for your household. It can even impact the appearance of your landscaping by stunting the growth of trees, shrubs, and other plant life.

7. Protecting Your Plumbing

Your septic tank is a durable piece of equipment designed to withstand the pressure and presence of sludge, scum, wastewater, and bacteria. Your indoor plumbing, on the other hand, is only designed to transport waste and waste water in quick bursts. 

We’ve already talked about how a septic tank that needs a good cleaning can cause clogged drains. If any of that waste or sludge makes its way into your drains, you’re facing an even bigger issue. Between the aggressive bacteria and the pressure caused by clogs, your pipes could crack or burst, leaving you with an expensive and unpleasant problem on your hands. 

Call ACE for Your Septic Tank Cleaning Service

Whether you’ve been dealing with a home septic system for years or this is your first time, ACE is the business to call. Our septic tank cleaning service is just one of the many services we offer to ensure that your septic system stays working as planned while preventing health hazards and environmental contamination.

Why is ACE the go-to septic business for Malvern homeowners? We have over 60 years of experience with septic systems, grease traps, and cesspools and a passion for customer service. Contact us to schedule your next septic tank cleaning service today.