Out of sight, out of mind. This may be what you’re thinking after building your septic tank. However, neglecting your septic system can have dangerous consequences that may affect you, your neighbors, and the environment. 

So if you’re a part of the 25% of people who have septic tanks, then this guide is definitely for you. Read on to learn more about what you should look out for and how septic tank services can you.

Signs of a Bad Septic System

Finding the most common signs of a failing septic system is best when preventing costly repairs and environmental damage. By finding these signs early, you can immediately act before the issue worsens. Here are a few signs to keep in mind:

  • Slow-draining fixtures
  • Weird gurgling sounds in your plumbing
  • Wet spots near your septic system
  • Growing green grass over the drain field
  • Foul smells near the drain field or tank
  • Repeated sewage backups

Once you’ve spotted any of these signs, call a professional. Experts have more experience and knowledge on how to handle septic tank issues. You can learn from them how to properly care for your septic system rather than repairing it yourself and possibly making it worse.

Importance of Hiring Qualified Professionals

Septic tanks hold and filter waste and water from your house plumbing and need regular maintenance to keep them working. Once your septic tank stops working, you may end up paying up to $3,000 for septic tank repairs. This is why you need septic tank services so you don’t have to worry about expensive cleanups and dangerous conditions.

Avoid Costly Repairs or Replacements

Depending on the material of your septic tank, it can go up to $3,000 to even $7,000. Not only that but repairing or replacing the various parts of your septic tank can be terrifyingly expensive.

With regular septic tank management, you can control the pricey repairs down the road. A proactive approach to your septic tank maintenance will help you find issues before they become bigger and more expensive.

After all, a system with the best efficiency requires fewer overall repairs and maintenance. This helps you avoid any added expenses. It also reduces the headache of unexpected issues that may shut down your septic system for days, even weeks.

Comply With Septic System Regulations

You may not know it, but you may have local laws related to your septic tank system. Without properly researching these regulations, you may end up with fines and penalties.

For instance, in Pennsylvania, solids should always be pumped out of your septic tanks every three years. However, the homeowner should have an inspection and ensure that the tank is not filled with more than one-third of scum or solids. 

By having an expert regularly check on your tank, you can guarantee that you are properly following your local laws. The inspectors will also ensure that your electrical float switches, mechanical components, and pumps are working correctly.

Remove the Creation of Sludge

Sludge often accumulates at the bottom of your tank, and if left alone, it may start to rot. It’s totally common for septic tanks to build up some sludge over time.

The bacteria in the tank can’t break down all the solid waste that gets in there, so it forms into layers of sludge on the bottom of the tank. As time goes on, the sludge layer gets thicker and thicker until it eventually spills over.

Experts typically remove sludge by pumping out and processing the tank regularly to prevent mud buildup. They use bacterial additives to increase the health of your tanks by decomposing the solid wastes. 

With experts, you can prevent sludge levels from getting too high and causing issues. Note that body waste contains damaging pathogens that may cause diseases like typhoid and dysentery.

Get Rid of Foul Smells and Methane Gas

Do you smell something awful coming from your septic tank? This may be due to the hydrogen sulfide that’s forming in your tank. Other than its foul smell, it can harm your nervous system and may potentially explode. 

Another possibility of the smell is the Methane gas escaping your tank. When the sewage in your tank starts to decompose, it can create methane. It can also create other harmful and poisonous gasses like hydrogen sulfide, esters, ammonia, and carbon dioxide.

If you leave this alone or clean it yourself, these gases may potentially seep into your home. It will not only ruin your gas quality but may also be combustible in high concentrations.

Minimizes Septic Leaks

Septic leaks are the most common issues that may occur when you don’t have regular maintenance. Even small leaks may damage the area around your tank and may slow into your house. 

Search around your septic tank and ensure no wet spots and drops are coming from the tank. If you find a hole, be sure to call septic tank repairs immediately. 

Protects the Environment

Without proper septic maintenance, your tank may become a significant source of water pollution. It can have far-reaching dangers for the environment, affecting water, soil, groundwater, and even your air quality. 

Once your wastewater gets into the groundwater, harmful substances like pathogens, nitrates, and chemicals may occur. It may also release potent greenhouse gases, contributing to climate change.

Your septic tank can also pollute any nearby streams, rivers, and lakes which may cause eutrophication and harm the aquatic life. Leaking septic systems can also damage soil structure and remove its ability to filter any contaminants.

So to protect your health and the health of others, be sure to get regular maintenance. Make sure that you can immediately respond to any issues that may come from your septic tank with septic professionals.

ACE Disposal Corps: Your Needed Septic Tank Services

Septic tank services are there to ensure that you avoid any big issues and costly expenses. Taking care of your septic tank is not just a matter of flushing away the issue; it’s a responsibility that can extend beyond your backyard.

If you’re in Pennslyvania and need septic tank services, look no further with ACE Disposal. We have all the services you need from septic tank pumping and installation to cleaning and repair. Contact us today to ensure that your septic tank system is in top condition!